3Ply Face Mask, A Brand You Can Trust Skin Hygiene

Dear All,

We are an enthusiastic company in Malaysia focusing on Hygiene Products. We understand how important it is to have good quality for any kind of hygiene issues.

During this COVID-19 epidemic, hygienic products were most shouted in the market. It was hard to find a mask at a reasonable price. In this situation, we have decided to come forward & develop a brand for masses for affordable hygienic products such as face mask, sanitizer &, etc.

SKIN HYGIENE is a Malaysian brand & developed by a Malaysian company. Our Goal to provide hygiene products that you can trust at a genuine price for everyday uses.

For a Face Mask, we ensure the factory is GMP certified & maintain hygiene environment during all steps of production.

We only buy from one factory which we have verified by visiting the factory, certification & every shipment is monitored by our partner office.

3ply Mask

We do not buy or sell any hygiene products just collect from any factory at any price. We do not believe hygiene products can buy in the stock lot or from here & there without verifying the origin properly.

There are 100’s of suppliers selling online but many are not selling single-origin & sometimes what they show & what you receive is completely different & from different factories. This means they just source from anywhere which does not comply with any hygiene products.

The Reason Why Everyone Prefer our Face Mask!

  • We have CE mark & certification, meet more than 95% filter capacity which is required for a 3ply mask.
  • It comes with 50 pieces/boxes and 50 boxes in a carton.
  • Trusted supplier in Malaysia.
  • Single and Wholesale available.
  • Quality is a matter.
  • Comfortable fitting and high-filtration capacity.
  • Latex-free & 3 layers protection.

Be Ready to Fight Covid-19

You can find us always here in Malaysia.

Sincerely Yours,
Skin Hygiene Team.

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