• At LifeShine we take pride in being your trusted local brand. LifeShine is more than just selling products, it's about curating a way of life that mirrors the lively spirit of our community.
  • Our story takes an exciting turn as we dream big to be a leading brand in Malaysia for lifestyle products.
  • As a proud Malaysian brand, we envision LifeShine not just as a brand tied to essential products but as a comforting symbol deeply woven into the lives of people across the nation.
  • We're creating an experience that resonates with Malaysia's diverse living.
  • Join us on this journey where LifeShine becomes synonymous with a lifestyle celebrating simplicity, the power of connection, and the joy of everyday living.


At LifeShine, we are dedicated to enriching your daily experiences. Through our range of carefully curated products, including household essentials, personal care, and delectable snacks, we strive to add comfort, joy, and a touch of brilliance to every facet of your life

Dedicated to ensuring your well-being with a range of personal care products, such as sanitizers, medical masks, and facial tissue, crafted to protect and care for you and your loved ones.

Specializes in providing high-quality household essentials, including kitchen tissue, facial tissue, and toilet tissue, designed to bring comfort and convenience to your home.

The go-to snack brand, offering a delightful variation of chips, perfect for satisfying cravings and adding a touch of flavor to any occasion